Past Poetry Events

Pictured below is Jan and NYC artist, Susan Jacobs, at the 2010 Dada Poetry Salon.
The Tigress

You, He,
Kama Sutra,
Widely Opened,
Her, She
Kama Sutra,
We, They
Clasping position,
I, You
Hard, Firm,
Kama Sutra,
Man, Woman
Kama Sutra,
Them, Her
Milk and Water Embrace,
I , We
Kama Sutra,
Woman, Man
The Tigress,
Young, Old
Kama Sutra,
Wet, Tense
The Congress of the Crow
Kama Sutra,
The Lotus,
Guy, Girl,
Kama Sutra,
Suspended Congress,
Kama Sutra,
Splitting of a Bamboo,
In , Out,
Kama Sutra,
The Pair of Tongs,
Heaven, Earth,

It’s Our Jazz

The J and is America.
Freedom playing new classical
Jazz will. Noted free ideas

Those of will, feel of music.

Time         Crazy



Yeah, coooool…


Beat, beat, beat


Send me places.
Send me now!

Scat for me Ella!

Your sweet riffs
and fragments…

Blow me away Ella!

Black, blue, yellow, white

Hard! Soft,

American notes evolves
Evolves, evolves

Roots, roots, routes…

It’s our jazz!

Baby, our jazz

Jan's past poetry readings and events

March 19, 2010 Dada Poetry Salon, Cornelia St Bar, NYC

June 12, 2010 ThE CoFfeE HOuSe @ The Old Blinn Pasadena , CA

July 30, 2010 SONIC VERSE @ Funkadelic Studios, New York, NY

Sept 18, 2010 ThE CoFfeE HOuSe @ The Old Blinn Pasadena , CA

Sept 23, 2010 The Los Angeles Limerick Fest @ The Altadena Ale House, Altadena CA

Sept 26, 2010 America Young's bEatNik event @ SRT North Hollywood, CA

March 18, 2011 Dada Poetry Salon, Cornelia St Bar, NYC

April 12, 2011  KXLU Center Stage Los Angeles, CA

July 23, 2011 MarketPlace w/ Tess Vigeland NPR (Natl Broadcast)


Oct 3, 2011 West Hollywood Book Fair, LA, CA

Oct 13,2011 Coffee Gallery, Altadena, CA

Oct 20,2011  The Inspired Word, 1&1 (Nexus Lounge), NYC

Oct 21, 2011 Son of a Pony , New York City

Nov 11, 2011 The Altadena Ale House, LA Limerick Fest II

Nov 17,2011 Ellyn Maybe's Poetry Rodeo, Venice CA

Nov 19, 2011 Social Arts: THIS and THAT ..... The Floor Show !  Pasadena, CA  (Click  above to see video)

Jan 26, 2012 Ellyn Maybe's Poetry Rodeo,  Beyond BaroqueVenice CA

Aug 10, 2012 Poetry's Love Letter Event,, Let Them Eat Chocolate, Chicago, IL

Aug 27, 2012 Poetry Express, Priya, Berkeley, CA

Dec 12, 2012 The Altadena Ale House, LA Limerick Fest III

Dec. 30, 2012 The Art of Poetry BlogTalkRadio Chicago, IL

June 29, 2013 DaDa in LALA,  Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

Nov 12, 2013 The Altadena Ale House, LA Limerick Fest IV

Jan 26, 2014 Casa de La Noche San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Mar 19, 2014 Boston Poetry Slam - Cantab Lounge Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Mar 20, 2014 Fresh Meadows Poetry - Barnes & Noble - Fresh Meadows, NY
Hosted by Susan Xia Yang Horiuchi

Mar 22, 2014 Great Weather For Media Poetry- The Parkside Lounge -New York City

April 30, 2014 Sacred Grounds Cafe Poetry- San Francisco, CA

June 21, 2014 La Di DaDa ,  Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

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Here is a review by Helen Peterson.

My CD that was handed out, was a sampler of  "Close Your Eyes & See For Yourself ," and my soon to be released, international spoken word CD, "What's MIne is Now Yours."

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